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Boost Energy, Relieve Stress, Heal Your Life

Sharon’s integrated approach to healing mind, body and spirit reduces stress, improves relaxation, stimulates the immune system, increases energy and relieves aches and pains.  Using cranial sacral therapy, energy healing and/or intuitive coaching to tune into your body, she works with your unique needs to release emotions, dissolve tensions and support healing in a gentle and loving way. Using a unique intuitive style that works on the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical levels, blocks are released to allow your true essence to shine through.  It’s like being coached into wellness!

  • Thank you for helping me be so comfortable and thank you for helping me put everything back into perspective.


  • Sharon is an incredible therapist…she has been EXTREMELY astute as to the emotional needs that are required in the moment


  • The sessions have been very effective and I have so much gratitude to her for helping me on my journey to become the best version of me.


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emotional release

Pursue Your Passion

What is your soul’s desire?  How can you live the life you are meant to?  Discover what your passion is and how to fulfill your heart’s desire.

Physical health

Create Harmony in Your Life

Are everyday stresses causing you to veer off your path?  Do you feel unsettled and worry a lot?  The stress of living in our fast paced world creates disharmony in our lives.  Learn how to center and find that harmony within.

Self Healing

Harness Your Life Force Energy

Do you have chronic physical ailments that won’t go away?  Has stress, a busy lifestyle, financial and/or emotional burdens created dis-ease in your body?  Help the body to heal itself!

cranial sacral

Free Your Mind

Does doing nothing feel stressful?  Are you caught up in a life of doing? Learn techniques to create stillness in your everyday life.  Stillness allows our body, mind and spirit to come together to heal and to find our true purpose.

Stress Relief

What is stress? It is our physical and emotional bodies’ reaction to external stimuli.  Everyone reacts differently to each situation thus everyone has different levels of stress and our bodies react differently.  The approach is to use intuitive healing and the body’s natural ability to get at the underlying beliefs that create the reaction and cause stress

Physical Health

Our physical bodies absorb a lot of energy from around us and from others.  Dysfunction can show up in many ways from headaches to knee pain to tension.  Cranial sacral therapy works by feeling into the bones, muscles, fascia and organs to identify where the dis-ease lies and release it.


We all have the ability to heal ourselves.  Our bodies are a wealth of information – we have just forgotten how to listen.  Our thoughts create beliefs that create our emotions and sometimes our emotions get stuck in our physical bodies.  Through visualization, meditation and techniques to change our beliefs we can heal ourselves.

Emotional Release

We all hold emotions in our bodies that can then create pain in different areas.  This work helps to release the emotions being held in our bodies.  This is done through intuitive healing and identifying life situations that underlie the emotions.  Once this happens we can work through the pain and emotion to release it and create health.