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I am a Certified Cranial Sacral Therapist, Intuitive Coach, Licensed Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner, Reiki Master, Intuitive energy healer, Level 1 teacher for Training in Power Academy and have completed the Mind, Body, Spirit teacher training course from the College of Mind Body Spirit Medicine. I have been practising energy healing for over 10 years and I believe in the power of our bodies to heal. As a practitioner I help each individual to tap into their own intrinsic healing power.

Sharon’s Story 


I used to struggle with chronic conditions and health issues all of my life and I have always looked for alternative ways of healing.  From infancy I had eczema and stomach problems.  As an adult I was diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome and asthma.  While exploring different alternative options when I moved to Vancouver in 1999 I came across Reiki.  After taking level 1 Reiki in 2005, I practised self-healing and was able to rid my body of the asthma and irritable bowel syndrome.  This solidified my passion for self-healing and energy work!

Experiencing self-healing also changed the way I look at the world and what I believe.  The mind-body-spirit connection means that our thoughts lead to our beliefs and create our emotions and that these can create dis-ease in our bodies; however, our culture and society suppress this knowledge and way of self-healing. When you look at kids and see how innocent they are and how tuned in to their world and then when we reach a certain age we are taught the opposite of what our true essence is.  We are taught not to laugh inappropriately, not to cry when it hurts – we are taught so many things that suppress our authentic self.

I believe that we all have at the cellular level the knowledge, the innocence, the beauty, and the love to truly find peace and health.  And that finding that essence of who we really are can then allow us to be on the right path and to be open to healing, to love, and  to miracles.

Through energy healing we can learn to release the underlying cause of ailments and can learn to tune into our authentic selves and to listen to that voice that lets us know how to live life for the highest good.

I have been following my heart and exploring many realms of spirituality and healing.  Some important lessons that I have learned are to live in gratitude, have pure intentions, trust in the Universe and always go back to Love.  These are the guiding principles that I bring to each healing session.

I have always used yoga, massage, and acupuncture to reduce stress.  Since taking my first Reiki class in 2005 I have trained in Pranic healing, Qi Gong, reflexology, Training in Power, meditation and cranial sacral therapy.  I have found that the more I learned about energy healing the more it started to flow from inside of me. Now I can tune into people when in that space using my intuition to guide treatments.

I also have a Master’s degree in Public Health and have worked at various universities and non-profits for over 25 years researching and working in the field of chronic disease prevention.  This work has taught me that we all have the power within us to make healthy choices that can make a difference in our health.

My passion is to help people find their truth and the peace that comes with it.  I like to joke with friends that I coach people into nothingness!