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My Tuesday spiritual group started working on a workbook about self-compassion called the Mindful Self-Compassion Workbook by Kristen Neff and Christopher Germer. We read a bit in the workbook and then answered three questions: 1. How do you show compassion to friends – what do…

Looking through eyes of Love

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I love Fall! Probably because I love trees and in the Fall they are abundant with brilliant colours – the yellows, oranges and reds!  Wow! And we have been so fortunate to have sunny warm weather these last few days. When I see the sun…

The Magic of Women’s Groups

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Every Thursday since January a group of women has gathered in my home to manifest the life of their dreams. There have been about 25 women of different ages from 28 to 71 years of age all seeking to change something in their lives. We’ve…

Coaching into Nothingness

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What if we did nothing? What if we took time out of our day and just did nothing. Would the world fall apart if billions of people around the world did nothing for 30 minutes a day? Probably not. In fact we would probably have…

Everything is energy!

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If you look around you, everything you see is made of energy.  It may look and feel solid, but physics tells us that it has a vibration and is energy.  This is also true of our bodies.  They are basically energy come together to form…