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Are you ready to transform your life?

Are you looking to change directions but don’t know where to start?

Are you feeling like there is more to life?
Let me guide down the path you are meant to follow.

Let me help you discover your own intuition.

Let me shine a light on your true essence so you can create the life of your dreams.

Sometimes we are unable to see our blind spots –
those beliefs that are holding us back or those behaviors that are no longer serving us.

As an Intuitive Coach I can tune in energetically to what is really holding you back,
to use your own Guides to see what the next step is…

These sessions are truly magical and transformational!

You will be amazed at how your life changes in unexpected ways!
This is an investment to truly claim your authentic life!!


3-month commitment
Includes weekly 1:1 sessions
24/7 Access to me by text and/or email
Monthly meditations



Sharon is an incredible therapist…she has been EXTREMELY astute as to the emotional needs that are required in the moment, and she has helped clear up my emotional areas that I kept (or, stored up) in my body over the years. Her compassion and patience are some of her most outstanding virtues, and integration has been allowed at every session. She is well educated, and if required, she will utilize other skills that she has acquired through other courses – she ALWAYS asked me if it was okay for her to try something new. I would DEFINITELY go to her over and over; I will keep her as my therapist!!

-M.B. Vancouver

I felt amazing! After seeing you I was able to put things back into perspective and relax. The session was exactly what I needed. I was really relaxed in my session and felt like I could open up to you. Thank you for helping me be so comfortable and thank you for helping me put everything back into perspective. I really got a lot of value by coming to see you, so thank you.

– Marion 34 Vancouver

I’m in my late forties and have had inexplicable tightness in my neck, back and hips since my university days. I had a hard time standing up straight, straightening my legs at my hips after a lecture. More recently, I’ve had a constriction in my vocal chords that make my voice sound very squeaky or like on the verge of tears. After several unsatisfactory sessions with different practitioners in Vancouver, I found Sharon. Driving home after my first session with Sharon, I could feel my tendons and muscles in my back are starting to let go. The sessions have been very effective and I have so much gratitude to her for helping me on my journey to become the best version of me.

-Miho 48 Vancouver

Sharon’s sessions are profoundly healing & transformative. I trust her hands completely. She is one of the most skilled intuitive healers I have ever met & I have been on my healing path for 20 plus years and worked with lots of massage therapists, healers, and shamans internationally. She helps me release tensions in my physical and energetic bodies that have been held there for decades. Thank you so much Sharon, I feel free, happy and strong!

-Melanie Vancouver

I loved the coaching calls with you, Sharon! I was really surprised by the ease with which we connected and processed a number of important issues. Thank you for walking me through a number of helpful exercises. The skill sets you bring form a range of modalities was impressive and amazingly useful!!


I recommend Sharon whole heartedly! She is a beckon of light; she holds a very safe & sacred space. She is incredibly authentic and approachable. She keeps it real! She bridges spirituality and day-to-day life. She shares practical tools that inspire me to connect with my inner knowing, my inner guidance on a daily basis. The core values of her teaching are self-love and self-empowerment. Thank you Sharon for leading the way!


I love how reading your daily emails changes my perspective for the better. Much needed when I’m at work!


I’m loving the group! Its inspiring, comforting, healing, enlightening, fun! I love the safe and relaxed atmosphere you create with your calm and lovely, caring way. Thank you for an enriching experience!



Work with me to quantum leap your transformation through intuitive coaching and energy healing.

I can help you tune into your own intuition, awaken the Divine within you, and find your true path.


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