Let me help you to reach out to loved ones on the other side.                             

Mediumship Reading

Are you curious to talk to someone on the other side?

Did you ever have unanswered questions from family or friends that have transitioned?

Does your heart yearn to have closure with someone that has passed?


Sometimes we are unable to say goodbye or to say things that went unsaid to someone that was close to us before they died. It is not unusual to want to express ourselves after the fact, or to hear a message that will soothe our soul.


Let me help you to reach out and tune into loved ones who have passed. This experience can help you gain peace, clarity and closure.


I hold you in sacred space the whole time. Nothing but love comes through. These are very powerful and reverent!


Details: Readings are 30 minutes long.


Work with me to quantum leap your transformation through intuitive coaching and energy healing.

I can help you tune into your own intuition, awaken the Divine within you, and find your true path.


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Sharon is an Intuitive Coach, Certified Cranial Sacral Therapist, Reiki Master, Reflexologist, intuitive energy healer, and graduate of the Mind, Body, Spirit teacher training program, Sharon has been practicing energy healing for 10 years.